Elbaum's World 100: Drinking the AI Kool-Aid šŸ„¤

Drinking the AI Kool-Aid šŸ„¤

I'll admit it: I'm fully on the AI bandwagon.

To explain why, I think it's helpful to contrast with the crypto hype train.

For me, it comes down to application. The blockchain is an interesting idea, but at the end of the day it still hasn't answered the question "How will this change my life in a tangible, everyday way?"

On the other hand, for the current large language models (like GPT-4, etc.), the use cases are plentiful:

Virtual assistant? Check.

Personal tutor? No problem.

Copywriter? Child's play.

It goes on and on. I feel it's becoming clear this is the next Internet - it will change how we do most things, and eliminate/create whole industries.

On that note, here are a few tools/concepts I've been using or have been excited about exploring:

  • ā€‹GitHub Copilot: GitHub is a website where developers host their code. It's owned by Microsoft, which also happens to have a significant investment in the company behind ChatGPT. So the AI that powers GPT is at work in this product, which helps developers write code faster. I've had it for about a month, and it's pretty great.
  • ā€‹Chatbase: Uses GPT to create a custom chatbot for your website.
  • AI Automation Agencies: Companies that use the proliferation of new tools to create custom solutions for clients. I've enjoyed Liam Ottley's videos on this topic.
  • ā€‹character.ai: Allows users to create chatbots and talk to them. I've used the psychologist, and it's surprisingly good. There's also Plato, Elon Musk, etc.

Pete's Picks āœ…

  1. What I'm Reading: I'm trying to read more, and one strategy I'm using is to only read about things I'm truly interested in. As a result, I picked up Roger Federer's biography and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Because I've followed tennis since age 11, I remember a lot of the big matches that are referenced in the book - it's been interesting to contextualize those relative to Federer's whole career. It's also been fun to get a behind-the-scenes perspective of tennis history. Big recommend if you like tennis or sports in general.
  2. What I'm Watching: I'm started a streaming fast for the summer (hence reading more) but I managed to finish the last season of Succession before my TV break kicked in. Absolutely amazing television in every regard. If you're looking for something to watch, you can't go wrong here.
  3. What I'm Listening To: I just heard about Spotify's AI DJ. It's pretty sweet - a playlist with a bit of commentary every few songs from an AI that has a radio voice. It chats to you about your recent listening habits and new songs it thinks you'll like. Just search "DJ" on Spotify and you'll see the playlist. P.S. - also have enjoyed this remix: If Lizzy McAlpine's 'Ceilings' Was An Emo Anthem.

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