My Year in Review πŸ—“

Happy New Year!

I've been inconsistent with this newsletter, but I did want to touch base to share my annual review which I wrote up on my website. You can find it here:

​My 2022 In Review​

I'm currently focused on finding the right balance of freelancing vs. working on my own products vs. slack in the schedule. I talk a bit about that in the review and will have more to say on it in the next email.

Thanks for following along with these updates, and my best wishes for the year ahead to you and yours.

Pete's Picks βœ…

  1. What I'm Reading: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow was on all the best-of lists for 2022, so I figured it was worth a shot despite not usually being a fiction guy. I enjoyed this story though I felt it dragged a bit in places. Even so, I'd suggest giving it a read.
  2. What I'm Watching: Fleishman Is In Trouble. I listened to the audiobook a while back after seeing the trailer for this series. I loved the book, and the series has been comparable so far. I think helps that the author is the show runner for the series as well.
  3. What I'm Listening To: Mark Manson on The Tim Ferriss Show. Pretty fascinating to get a view of the publishing and blogging industries from two best-selling authors who started out online.

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